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Be Aware Of Occupational Noise Monitoring Systems

Noise Monitoring system

According to the survey conducted by https://www.sers.net.au/ occupational noise has become a major threat in many countries especially in the factories and other large project areas. For more details regarding this subject, interested readers can browse the website www.forbes.com which offer noise levels recorded in various industries. In general, large companies provide noise monitoring systems and take corrective actions in order to protect the hearing capabilities of the employees especially in the place of work. In some countries, some statutory rules compel the employers to assess the risk of employees and other blue colored workers who are exposed to excessive noise in their workplaces. Such places include airports, rail stations, steel factories and other noise making establishments.

Noise monitoring survey

In most places authorities suggest the noise making organizations to conduct a periodical survey which is called Noise Monitoring Survey at regular intervals. The outcome of these surveys is analyzed scientifically by using noise level meters which are measured in decibels. Bell is a unit of measuring sound concerning other sounds that are permissible. Since this unit is considered to be a large one, these measurements are measured in Decibel (dB) where the term deci is the factorial decrease by ten times. In general, all the noise level indicators use the decibel unit, and standards are formed from acceptable level to maximum threshold hold which human ear can tolerate.

Any increase in this higher level can cause danger to the individuals who are in the noisy area. The consistency is another factor that needs to be addressed while evaluating the noise factors. Noise monitoring gadgets can measure noise levels from the sound of an ordinary typewriter to the sound of the jet engine during the take off time. According to medical experts, human ear can absorb only to some limited noise and anything more than the predetermined level can cause damages to the ears as well as lead to hearing loss. As per experts, a level of 80 dB is considered to be the optimum level for any human ears.

Noise monitoring is essential

Because of the above-said details, employers who are operating noisy factories or other units need to monitor the noise levels at regular intervals. In order to control these dangerous noise levels, government agencies have established some standards beyond which one cannot operate the unit with higher noise levels. These authorities visit these factories and check the noise levels on various times. They carry their own noise level meters in order to check the noise levels in various industries.

Large companies which make huge noises have their own noise monitoring systems which have several electronic gadgets. Experts in these departments even measure the noise levels produced by machines in big factories. Heavy vibrations from the huge machines can also produce heavy noise, and corrective action needs to be taken by the expert team. Machines which are becoming old also create excess noise which has to be attended by the maintenance department.

Heavy noise from any place can become a noise pollution which affects the environment very badly.