Month: June 2019

Chemdawg – An Excellent Stress Reliever


Chemdawg is a popular variety of marijuana, which is a cross breed with uncertain parentage. The growing number of users of this strain has made it one of the prominent herbs when compared to other varieties. The origin of chemdawg is a bit of a mystery, but it is an ideal weed for people who want to forget all the worries and enjoy moments of happiness and relaxation. Multiple online suppliers offer chemdog seeds for sale. You can purchase these seeds from online stores and grow your chemdawg plants. For more Info about this marijuana strains, you can search on relevant websites.

Take advantage to the fullest
The chemdawg strain is made of a balanced hybrid. But, sometimes the plant is a Sativa-dominant of cannabis. Chemdawg is one of the favorite herbs for many because it is useful in making the user happy. It helps you relax and take off all the pressure after a tough day at the office. This variety of marijuana, when used, is an excellent energy booster. It is ideal for sharing with friends and spending happy hours with them.

Twist in taste
If a container of the chemdawg herb is kept near you, you will not be able to resist yourself from tasting it. The grass has a strong essence due to its aroma. It gives off a sweet pine aroma which is widely accepted by numerous users. On the other hand, the flavors are as intense as its scent. The taste is a combination of pine and citrus which will fill your mouth when you inhale its smoke. When you exhale the smoke, you will smell a pungent and earthy taste that will stick to your tongue.

Benefits of Chemdawg Sativa-dominant
Chemdawg is also well-accepted because of its medicinal property. People using the chemdawg herb has experienced substantial improvements in health conditions. It has excellent potential in relieving pain and swellings. Chemdawg is also useful for relaxing muscle strains to a great extent. People who have depression and anxiety issues can also receive excellent benefits by using this marijuana strain. It can also bring considerable changes in people who have insomnia. Doctors often recommend chemdawg for cancer patients as it can reduce the feelings of nausea as well as the fight against the lack of appetite.

Adverse impacts of using chemdawg herbs
Every herb has some side effects, and so does the chemdawg strain of marijuana. Although the results are minor but may make you feel uncomfortable. You may experience dry mouth and itchy eyes after inhaling the chemdawg smoke. If consumed in a high quantity, you may also feel anxious. If it is your first time, then avoid consuming high doses of marijuana herbs as it may lead to chronic headache and paranoia.

Favorable weather conditions
The chemdawg strain demands a hot and sunny climate to yield large amounts of usable products. The process of growing this variety of cannabis is very simple, and you can expect better results if you provide the plants with the ideal circumstances. Despite all the extreme odors, marijuana users can expect a smooth smoke that surprises with a tangy ammonia flavor on exhale.